While investment management occupies approximately 90% of my time, we cannot forget the importance of planning.  Without an understanding of where you are and, even more importantly, what you hope to accomplish in the future, we’re flying blind.  Without planning, you are simply hoping for a positive outcome. Personally, I do not want to leave my family’s financial future to something as vague as "hope."  Thus my firm’s motto: Dream it, plan it, do it! 

While some planning topics simply require questions and answers.  Others, such as retirement or life insurance planning, may require a more detailed dive into the numbers.  For this sort of in-depth analysis, I rely on both experience and software developed by Laurence J. Kotlikoff.  Professor Kotlikoff's software focuses on topics such as smoothing lifetime discretionary spending and maximizing social security benefits.

To learn more about this software, visit https://maxifiplanner.com/features.

To view some case studies, visit https://maxifiplanner.com/case-studies

I have an annual license for the software so, while I am linking you to the site to learn more, you do not need to purchase the software.  ​

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